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CS MP32 Snack Merchandiser

Glass Front Merchandiser

Our MP32 (& MP32 Black DiamondĀ Upgrade) gives you more options with it’s 32 selection capacity. More choices means more satisfied customers for a larger location. Provide your employees or customers with a variety of snack choices such as candy bars, chips, cookies, cereal bars, nuts, gum, and mints. Healthier snack options are appreciated as well depending upon the location of the snack machine. Customizable configurations make it easy to promote fast selling items. Go with the sexy BlackĀ Diamond upgrade for a more modern look to keep picky clients happy!

  • Height – 72″(183cm)
  • Width – 35″(90cm)
  • Depth – 35″(89cm)
  • Shipping Weight – 519 lbs.(235 kg)
  • Electrical Requirements – 115 VAC, 1.2 Amps(230 Vac, 0.6 Amps)
  • Selections – 32 Items
  • Standard Capacity – 474 Items (stock configuration)