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About us

Welcome to CoinServ

CoinServ owner Marty Stein has been involved in the vending industry for over 30 years, and has done it all! From the humble beginnings, repairing pinball machines, being involved in the earliest stages of  the video game craze, (remember “PONG” and PacMan?) and then evolving into vending. Selling and servicing equipment was our focus, as we then transitioned into the full-line vending service.  Due to back issues, I was forced to sell my route that had expands to almost 80 machines

Today, CoinServ is selling quality vending equipment to experienced vendors and helping new people joining the vending world by offering machines, financing and training.

Let’s talk about your specific needs. You can review our website, and look at our machines, but we prefer talking to our clients, so you won’t see any prices or shopping carts on here. Sure it’s “old fashioned” to talk, but it’s the best way to learn about your needs and your plans for the future. So, give us a call and together, we’ll help you move forward and be profitable quickly and plenty of growth for the future. 

Marty can be reached at (703)323-8000.

What Are We?

CoinServ offers several options for your vending needs. Of course, for the experienced vending guys out there, we can help you get new or refurbished machines at great prices. For the most part, other than sales, you won’t really need a lot of hand holdding but we’ll be here if you do! Of course, financing is available and without any prepayment penalties and 90 days same as cash financing, the options are out there to make your business more profitable than ever!

For new vending guys, we can offer you a wide range of services including helping you learn how to find locations which is the only correct way to do it! . And with attractive financing offers available, you can get into the vending business for little up-front cash. What’s better than getting a business going with someone elses money?

Lets Talk!  We listen..!